How To Optimize Your Game Launch By Doubling Your Market Size

— With This Simple Technique

I’m about to show you a technique that will get your game in front of the BIGGEST possible, addressable market — in a way that will at least DOUBLE your market size.

And you’ll learn a simple trick you can do right now to optimize your game launch — even if your launch is 2 years away.

In fact, if you do this simple technique too late, you’re going to miss more than 50% of the market.

And if you don’t do this right, it might delay your launch date by 6 months or more.

And I’m NOT going to talk about obvious things like “pick the right genre” or “build a big community before you launch”.


I want to teach you a trick that is less obvious. And something even big game studios mess up.

Here’s how it works…

What You Do In Day One Will Determine How Financially Successful Your Game Will Be

From day one, most game devs have one platform and one language in mind for their game launch. For example, you might focus your launch for Steam, English version. Then maybe later you’ll port your game onto console, and maybe translate it to another language.

But what most game devs don’t realize is that this is almost guaranteeing that they will have missed over 50% of the market.

And as launch day approaches, game devs start to realize that they have missed their opportunity for the best chance at success because they did things too late.

Why is this?

You Only Have ONE Launch

Because if you leave porting and localizing your game too late, you’ll have missed your ONE chance at a successful launch.

Let me show you exactly what I mean…

If you don’t launch with other language options, then those native speaking players may never give you a second chance when you update your game.

If you don’t launch both on console and PC, then you just missed an opportunity to expose your game to the biggest possible crowd. Also, if you “relaunch” your game after your official launch, players and press will be less excited about your game. The most excitement you’ll get for your game is at launch.

Also, if you have to “relaunch” you’re going to have to make TWO marketing spends. You’ll have paid for your initial marketing for your official launch. And then you’ll have to pay for a second ad spend for your console or PC “relaunch”.

Worst of all, most game devs don’t realize the extra time it takes to port and localize a game.

Porting firms require at least 4 to 6 months. And don’t forget, you also have to include the time in applying for certification and licensing from consoles (including Steam Deck).

Also, localization firms don’t just “machine translate” your game. There is context and cultural differences that a human will have to go through. So this process isn’t a simple thing. So localizing also can take at least 4 to 6 months.

And you’ll have to account for all the time it takes to post art assets to all the various store fronts. Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, GOG, Epic, Itch… all of these platforms require you to submit the correct art dimensions AND different versions of the same art. This isn’t a one-day-job.

Most game devs don’t account for all of this — until it’s too late. They have a launch date in mind. And starting from day one they only have one platform and one language in mind. And then when they DO plan to port and localize their game, they’re in a huge surprise on how long it will take.

They also forget how long it it takes to make various art assets for each platform — until it’s too late.

So they either have to delay their game. Or they go as planned and port and localize the game AFTER launch.

Both options are not a good strategy.

Delaying means loss of player trust… more money is spent on ongoing development… raised expectations from players… and all your marketing efforts losing their impact.

Also, porting and localizing your game AFTER your launch guarantees that you will have missed over 50% of the market. You’re stuck with the platform and language you launched with — and you can’t “relaunch” later on different platforms and with more language options. That’s because players don’t give you a second chance at “relaunch”.

So, here’s what to do instead…

If You Can Do A Simultaneous Launch — You Should

If you like to guarantee the best chance at success for your game… if you like to more than double the size of your market…. if you want to fully optimize your launch the best you can… you need to PLAN for a simultaneous launch…

…And you need to plan this starting from DAY ONE.

By deliberately planning a simultaneous launch as early as possible, you will give your game the best chance at reaching the biggest addressable market.

Let me show you some stats…

For example, if you have a simultaneous launch for PC, console… and you have localized your game for English, Simplified Chinese, Russia, Germany… then you have more than doubled the size of your market if you just would have stuck to one platform and one language.

This is what I mean when I say “optimized your launch”. You have potentially reached more than 50% than if you just stuck to one platform and one language. You are “squeezing out” as much value out of your launch as you can.

Also, say you launched for Steam, English version and planned to port and localize your game later… then you have missed your one and only chance.

You’re not getting as much value as you can from your launch if you don’t do everything you can in your initial launch.

Remember: players won’t give you a second chance if you stagger your launch. You have only ONE launch. So optimize your launch by planning a simultaneous launch as early as you can.

Some Big Indies and AAA game companies DO get second chances… sure. But they also have massive marketing-momentum behind them already. And they have millions to spend on a second marketing push. But even saying that, most Big Indies and AAA companies still push for one launch.

So, by using this simple technique where you plan to simultaneous launch your game on as many platforms and as many languages as you can, you have guaranteed the best chance at financial success because you have more than doubled your potential market.

So here’s what to do RIGHT now…

3 Step Action Plan To Help You Optimize Your Game Launch And More Than Double Your Market Size

If you want to optimize your launch, give yourself the best chance at financial success as you can, and more than double your market size, then here is 3 simple step you need to take…

Step #1: Decide right now which platforms you’ll be launching your game.

If it’s just PC, that’s fine. But remember, you have Steam, GOG, Epic, Itch, etc. Each one is different in terms of what they require. It takes time to setup your store page for each. So plan for that. You don’t want to launch your game on PC than on Epic and GOG a few days later because your art / marketing assets weren’t ready.

And if you’re launching on consoles and Steam Deck, make sure you start the licensing and certification process early.

But, if you can launch on PC and consoles — you should.

So don’t focus on just one platform. If you leave the other platformers to the last minute… or if you plan to do it later after launch… you’re not optimizing your launch. And you’re missing more than half the market size — a market that won’t give you a second chance at launch. So be sure you’re ready for a simultaneous launch to grab as big as the market size as you can.

Step #2: Decide right now which languages you’ll offer.

The 3 biggest language markets are English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

But it depends on your game. Maybe you’re making a CRPG, then maybe the German market would be better than the Japanese.

The more language options you offer, the the bigger your market will be.

Step #3: Contact Porting Firms and Localization Firms — As early as you can.

Find out how much lead time they need. Find out how long to expect to have your game ported and localized.

Even if you haven’t written any code, this is VERY important to know RIGHT NOW.

That’s because if they tell you 7 months, than you can better access your release date.

You don’t want to delay your game because you left this too late. And you don’t want to port or localize your game after your launch because players won’t give you a second chance at a “relaunch”.

Simple Technique: Plan A Simultaneous Launch To Get As Much Value As You Can

As you can see, if you’ll do this one simple thing, and plan to simultaneously launch on different platforms and in different languages, then you’ll guarantee the best chance at success when your game launches.

By optimizing your launch RIGHT NOW, you’ll have access to more than 50% of the market. You only have ONE launch. “Relanches” have low probably of financial success.


  • You won’t add any delays to your launch
  • You won’t be “relaunching” and losing your chance with players
  • You won’t have to spend extra on a second marketing push
  • And you’ll hit ALL the biggest addressable markets in one shot

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